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SISTEC, one of the leading integrators of IT on the local market, a data obtained on the 24 January 2015, accreditation of Ministry of Informaționala society of management activities conduct an archive contributors in accordance with the law No. 135/2007.

Thus, certification validates the company's Romanian Ministry of competencies in terms of the services of an archiving of documents in electronic form.

"The certification obtained from the Ministry for information society, our company was recognized among leaders of industry solutions and services relating to the filing of documents in electronic form. As a result, we will be able to deliver our clients the service of archiving of high class, in accordance with the legislation in force, using standardized technologies and solutions, implemented and managed by a dedicated team of external "declared R Dinescu, Managing Director next Sistec Docs.

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Archiving services a certificate through Sistec ISO 9001 standards, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001, and according to the rules imposed by the legislation of Romania, and archived documents in the center of the last generation, accredit, in turn, by the Ministry for information society.

The company uses applications and latest technologies for storing archived documents in secure, access to the cheerful provided o aplicatie care meets all security requirements.

At the end of July 2014, together with two Sistec partner companies on the local market, have won an auction involving digitizing the archive fund a civil status acts of the Republic of Moldova. Through this project, care are valued at us $ 750,000, Romanian company will digitize the millions of new acts of the Republic of Moldova, which include birth certificate, marriage, divorce and death, from the Soviet period and contemporary.

SISTEC digitize 9 million acts of civil status in the Republic of Moldova

IT integrator with an experience of 20 years on the Romanian market, brings together a team of Sistec over 160 specialists with experience in business and IT, providing a complex and complete package of IT solutions and services for business: batch job software solutions and custom application development and systems, hydrants were weak (communication systems security solutions Video training a cities, electronic display systems, car), business consulting (business analysis, process re-engineering, project management), research and development activities, outsourcing (outsourcing of IT, networking, service and maintenance, print management services, help desk), physical and electronic archiving, destruction and secure hosting services in their own data Centers.

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Based in Bucharest and a regional center in Cluj, are intrinsically Sistec national coverage through other subsidiaries of the country's 26 cities.