SISTEC CONFIDENTIAL will provide your company a permanent modular containers, tailored to specific. Every part of our service is fully integrated in a workflow, starting with the Elimination of paper, until the destruction of the data, such as discs, microfilms, CDs and hard drives, providing confidential destruction.


Through our complete security flow, we offer a level of safety that can hardly be matched, qualified personnel, specialized factory of destruction with the restricted perimeter, along with the highest quality standards.
All our solutions are designed to be environmentally friendly and environment-friendly, so when you want security, convenience and confidence to destroy your confidential data, you can choose with confidence SISTEC CONFIDENTIAL.

Confidential destruction service covers all the processes of security from the collection, destruction and to recycle. And finally, through the issue of a certificate of destruction is confidential, we guarantee the highest level of destruction from which it cannot recover data at the same time atestan and keep the legal compliance and avoid security breaches.

Confidential Destruction