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SISTEC, one of the leading IT integrators on the Romanian market, with two partner companies have won at the end of July 2014 an auction on archive digitization that involves a civil status in Moldova. The Romanian company will digitize nine million pages, representing civil status documents Soviet-era and contemporary. Collaborating, worth about $ 750,000, to be held in the next two years and are aimed more efficient and reliable management and preservation of civil status documents electronically to a high quality.

At present, Sistec, along with the other two partners in Romania, will digitize as many as nine million documents in Moldova, including as birth, marriage, divorce and death. Most of the documents are written in Cyrillic and can be accessed on the portal purpose, using phone or a digital signature. Documents can be paid through the end of service payments Mpay taxpayers.

“The experience we had with this auction one was an exception, given that we found in Moldova, people able to offer modern technological solutions for improving the quality of government services provided to citizens of the country. By digitizing the archive of marital status Soviet-era and contemporary will be reduced time spent at desks and increase the pace of providing a service, “said Radu Dinescu a Managing Director Sistec confidential.

Drivers, civil status archive Digitisation involves scanning, entering metadata, checking the quality of information retrieved and, ultimately, their transfer MCloud, cloud computing platform Moldova. This will lead SISTEC for acts after 1944 using local manpower.

Besides the team from Moldova, Romania Sistec will bring in technological resources and operational coordinators take care to handle the digitization of certificates of birth, marriage, divorce and death.

The process of digitizing archive civil status in Moldova a start after more than a year, when a company originally from Estonia won the bid for digitize a four million civil status documents before 1944. The Archive Service Marital Status includes 20 million documents, some cheerful digital skins from the start.

Integrator IT with an experience of 20 years on the Romanian market, Sistec brings together a team of over 160 specialists, experienced business and IT by providing a complex and comprehensive IT solutions and services for business: Batch implementation of solutions software and development of custom applications, a former systems and hydrants weak (communications systems, security solutions Page preparing a city systems, electronic displays, car), consulting business (business analysis, process re-engineering, management project), research and development, outsourcing (IT outsourcing, including networking, maintenance service and IT service management print help-desk) physical and electronic archiving, secure shredding and hosting services data center platform for own .

Based in Bucharest and Cluj regional center, Sistec are national in scope, with branches in 26 other cities.