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For two years, Rector of Romanian History Service destroys Sistec secure and confidential documents, in line with the rules in this way in terms of management and confidential.

Given the nature of the information of national importance Romanian Army are working carefully, that this institution chosen Sistec a confidential services, vines and privacy to confirm the quality of services provided.

Transparency. Close cooperation

Everything is centrally, there is a single contact phone number to call care units throughout Romania. The process is rigorously planned and is characterized by transparency so that an employee can go Rector pursue a room Detta care how it is destroying.

After the destruction of a certificate of destruction and guarantee attest published care services provided and a high level of irecuperabilitate and destroyed, according to European safety standard Level 3 – Confidential (DIN 32757-1). More by this institution are held liability coverage to the authorities of environmental care and control that the destruction was made safe and environmentally friendly.