Despre Sistec Confidential

About Sistec Confidential

We offer full service management and data protection and secure document destruction. We can face all the challenges related to the protection of information in compliance with the relevant legal provisions.

document destruction

Radu Dinescu, Business Unit Manager Sistec Confidential

Sistec Confidential, part of the Romanian companies SISTEC, helps to reduce the risks and costs associated with managing information on the physical medium.

Our solutions for information management (secure archiving and destruction of documents) will allow any company to protect and optimize information, ensures data recovery and legal compliance using current information.

SISTEC CONFIDENTIAL business information critical to manage.

Why Sistec Confidential?

  • High security standards
  • Extensive experience in archiving and document management
  • The guarantee of safety of documents and archives that we are left in the care of
  • Certificates attesting the highest degree of destruction documents
  • Costs for our clients, they become true business partners for SISTECSute
  • satisfied customers of our services.

All these are promises that say everything about one of the top firms in the country for archiving.